Create your Life by Design

Are you actively CREATING the Life you Want?

Do you believe that Life just happens?

Have you been made to think that the only control you have is how you respond to random events in Life? let me tell you are not alone, and you have been highly misinformed.

How often have you heard the expression: “shit happens, roll with it”? I bet you have even used the phrase at one time or another.

Now, on its own, this expression is not a bad one. It simply implies that we need to develop a certain amount of resilience to cope with the ups and downs of the growth process. To deal with the “things” that don’t go to our liking and anticipations. It is only when this expression is taken out of context that trouble starts, when it is made to be a fact of life.

Submerging us into a subtle state of resignation to Life.

It is crucial to know that majority of the shit that happens in our lives can be avoided, Even prevented.

Most unforeseeable happenings causing the suffering in Life are matters gone unexamined by the wisdom of introspection.

Yes, Life does happen. Either by default or through Co-creation, which is a byproduct of a conscious moment to moment decision making.

This is not some hippie overly optimistic view of Life! It is simply the realization that much of our lives are happening in the absence of our conscious thinking because we live in an utter state of distraction, influenced by our surroundings and our own subconscious programming previously used to create the often-false sense of safety.

At least 90% of the time, our lack of conscious presence and active decision-making gives rise to the unlucky breaks in Life, the broken relationships, the jobs lost, the promotions not received, the businesses failing and a subtle state of lethargy and victimization.

Gone is the era when we could blame our state of lack of health, wealth, happiness, or success on chance.

We know enough about the power of the mind, the power of the spirit, and the sheer expression of courage to see that we are the creators of our own lives.

The key in Co-creating with Life is increasing our awareness, alertness, and foresight!

Here are five steps in becoming a Co-creator with Life:
  1. Examine your Self-image: establishing clarity on how you view yourself, express yourself, and receiving feedback from the world is the most crucial step in strengthening your ability to develop foresight
  2. Develop intrinsic Confidence: learning how to self-motivate and create ignition for taking on the growth spurts in Life which are necessary for creating a life of success.
  3. Slow down to speed up: creating the habit of sharpening your focus, recognizing and eliminating distractions, and unconscious biases.
  4. Up-value your Wants: Training your mind to attach like Velcro to what you want through building a belief around possibilities and deconstructing Self-sabotage, Fears, and negativity through igniting intuition and foresight.
  5. Override de default mode: understanding and transcending patterns of thinking and beliefs that do not serve you on the path to becoming a co-creator with Life as you Master the Art of building a life by design.

To create your Life by Design, you must bravely take the step into Self-Mastery.

If all this sounds like hocus pocus to you, I can assure you that it is not.

Many have taken the journey and created success beyond their imaginations, and so can you.

Do you feel intrigued, hopeful, and excitement about what you read here; you are finally ready to master the art of Co-creation

And ready to become EXTRAORDINARY.

Is it High Time for you to Create Your Life By Design?

Through the Alexander Method program, I have created remarkable success in my own life, which to the observer may seem like a series of lucky breaks, and that could not be farther from the truth.

I have also helped many master the Art of Co-creation and would love YOU to learn it too.

Be gone with the days of lethargy, lack, disillusionment, resignation, self-sabotage, stuckness, and getting the short end of the stick from Life.

Take that BRAVE step forward into the life you want.
The Alexander Method Self-Mastery program will lead your way

High-Performers live a life of purpose and alignment with their higher values as they positively impact the world.

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