Optimize Peak-Performance in your organization through employee coaching

Integrated Employee Development program provides organizations with an opportunity to create their own bespoke employee training program, followed by individual coaching to maximize the growth process as the employees bring what they have learned into the workplace and put it into practice.


Who is it for?

For organizations looking to optimize their overall company performance through personal development for their Employees.

What will your Employees accomplish?

The competencies focused on in this Integrated Coaching Program are centered around themes such as Growth Mindset, Self-and-Energy Management, communication, Goalsetting for productivity, Peak Performance, and any other area of development the organization may want to focus on.

Burn-out and Prevention

One of the silent killers of High-Performance, Employee retention, and satisfaction is burnout. Today more companies lose revenue to this disease than for any other reason. Setting up an organizational environment that promotes optimized protocols for Burnout prevention and recovery plan is therefore not a luxury but downright smart and key to creating High-Performing teams.

Communication and self-management

Sustainable High-Performance in organizations is directly related to clear and effective communication and self-management. Increasing EQ (emotional intelligence) and learning to manage internal states, asking meaningful questions instead of making assumptions will prevent conflicts that zap the group's energy, leading to poor Performance.

Wellness and High Performance

An unhealthy body makes a poor vehicle for a mind to perform at the height of its ability. Although underestimated by so many organizations, ensuring a culture steeped in wellness and longevity will create a sense of belonging and happiness for the employees, contributing to a higher level of engagement, joy, and workplace satisfaction.

Practical information


6-weeks program , 8-weeks program or 12-weeks program


The costs are available on request.


In person or online via Zoom, Skype or MS Teams

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Unleash your personal power with High-Performance Habits and lead by example.

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