Become the Conscious Leader people love to follow

People may take orders from you because of your title but will only follow you as a leader because of who you are.

By mastering the qualities of a conscious leader, you will turn every team into a league of devoted followers, and drive impact on an extraordinary level.

These qualities, skills and attributes therefor, will prepare you for leadership in any industry and ultimately life.


Who is it for?

For Organizations looking to invest in their C-suite executives and up and coming young leaders. This coaching program is suitable for seasoned leaders to correct blind spots that have limited their growth & for new leaders to develop skills required in preparation for greater responsibilities of executive level leadership.

What will you accomplish?

Core competencies you can expect to create in this coaching program are centered around the Most Prolific Leadership themes such as Awareness (self-and-situational), 3 Level mindset adaptation for Peak Performance & Mental Agility, Emotional resilience, Energy Management for Sustained peak performance, Communications, Envisioning and goal orientation, Courage, Charisma, and Influence.

Win big with 1st 100 days strategy

For Executives and middle managers starting in their new position and determined to lead through Conscious Leadership. Create a strategy for setting up a strong foundation for team success by understanding the business, identifying and building a relationship with significant stakeholders, initiating necessary culture shifts, setting goals, and gaining traction for High-Performance.

Make your Energy work for you

In today's world, leaders are working harder than ever before to keep pushing the needle forward and create transformational Success. Therefore, managing their energy is one of the most crucial skills they will ever develop to prevent depletion in the body, mind, emotions, and spirit and optimize their Performance as they inspire others to follow.

Influence with Communication

No one likes "to be told what to do," but everyone loves feeling inspired to action. Develop the capacity to plan for impact, craft structure in communication, choose words that work, use non-verbal communication to create ease, make your words compelling and master the art of influence.

Practical information


6-weeks program , 8-weeks program or 12-weeks program


The costs are available on request.


In person or online via Zoom, Skype or MS Teams

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Unleash your personal power with High-Performance Habits and lead by example.

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