Level 1

The AM Foundation for
High Performance

“This level of the Alexander Method is a Road-Map Designed to create a strong foundation for High-Performance Living: Self Mastery.”


Foundation for Self-Mastery

Intake process: Creating Clarity

Where are you on the ‘A.I.” dynamic axis? Where would you like your life journey to take you? And what needs to be done to live a fulfilling, successful, productive life, build a foundation for healthy/nurturing relationships whilst creating and maintaining vitality and longevity?

The most important topics:

1. Personal Values/self image  and Relationships

Self Image, Boundaries, Effective communication, Courage, Empathy, and role modeling

2. Limiting self-beliefs/self-esteem

What is preventing automation of the success mechanism, self-image continued

3. Energy/Vitality

Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Relaxation,
Energy management, supplementation, Sleep and adventure

4. Purpose

The “WHY”: driving force behind motivation and consistencey. Micro purposes and Macro purpose.

5. Goal setting/self management

 Stretching past the comfort zone, daring to dream big, managing the process of goal realization

6. Productivity

Quantifying Success, creating structure around the activities required for success realization and undrestanding the power of self-discipline

Tell me what? and why? I will show you the way

Time waits for no one! Invest in your greatest asset, invest in yourself!