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Bahar Alexander is not your average Performance coach. With an intense curiosity for human nature and a passion for helping individuals and organizations reach their highest potential, she combines her vast background in Performance Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Psychology, Epigenetics, Neuropsychology, Functional and Holistic Medicine, Mindfulness, NLP, Sports, and Nutrition to set into motion personal and organizational shifts conducive to Peak-Performance, Life satisfaction, Vitality, and Extraordinary Success.

Bahar has a deep passion for educating and empowering individuals on how to reprogram their Self-image, which impacts every experience, to create their lives and relationships by design rather than default. For this reason, her clients refer to her as the transformation guru.


“I have always looked for the answers to how two people coming from the same background can have two completely different outcomes on their journey to personal and professional success. How is it that some thrive in the face of adversity while, in contrast, others don’t? Why does a distinct psychographic reach the heights of success while the majority jump from one quick fix attempt to another and battle a history of self-sabotage?

When I was 15, a car accident completely changed the course of my life. After six months of being paralyzed on my body’s left side and 2and a half years of operations to fix the nerve damage to my left leg, I had to learn to walk again. I also had to figure out a way to overcome the very gloomy prognoses about my future due to my disability. Not only did this limitation not stop me, but it also fueled my pursuit of becoming a Pro-athlete in Bodybuilding.

Using tested methods from my personal experiences, which have helped me create tremendous success against the odds; and combining them with my vast background in Human Psychology, I am able to guide anyone looking to live their best life and succeed on all levels, personally and professionally.”

– Bahar Alexander 

With over twenty years of experience as a Transformation Coach, she has created her Coaching Program, The Alexander Method, explicitly designed to move to the core and underlying Subconscious patterns and shift paradigms responsible for limitations in life and leadership. She has experience working across many industries, including the energy industry, finance & banking, sales, technology, healthcare, and government agencies.

In her work with organizations, she utilizes Organizational Psychology to help leaders adopt the skills necessary for Conscious Leadership and, in doing so, create an organizational culture that upholds values essential for High-Functioning teams: Mastering self-leadership, the art of conscious influence, communication 360, Courage, Value Ethics, Mental-Emotional agility, the Art of Decision Making, Energy Management, and much more.

Through Coaching programs designed for organization employees, she completes the success circle within the company community through one-on-one or group coaching programs educating on all facets of High-Performance (Self-Leadership, Diversity-Inclusivity-Belonging, Communication, Negotiation, Delegation, Productivity, Energy Management, Vitality for Peak-Performance, Burnout Prevention and much more).

She loves sharing her wisdom, knowledge, and simplified tools from theoretical insights and turning them into practical, actionable methods that yield extraordinary results. She embraces every opportunity to speak to bigger audiences and share her passion and her inspirational personal story of overcoming tremendous hardship that became the catalyst for creating her extraordinary success against the odds.

Bahar’s superpower as a coach, you can say, is her ability to meet her clients where they are on the High-Performance continuum, ask the right questions to discern core challenges, and help her clients adopt High-Performance Habits that build their confidence and take them from where they are to Extraordinary Success in record time.

Originally Persian, Bahar lives in the Netherlands. She lives a life of dedication to her philosophy through continuous self-improvement & loves traveling worldwide and living a life of adventure, wonder, and experience.

Develop your High-Performance skills for greater mental, emotional and physical agility, resilience, and the personal power to pursue your dreams and aspirations as you create a positive impact in meaningful ways.

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