Much like you grow from a child to an adult, your desires, goals, micro purposes, and life mission will change and evolve overtime. this is called progress

One of the greatest challenges along the journey to Sustained Peak-Performance and success is the realization that “what got you here, won’t get you there.” Incremental and consistent reappraisal of your purpose on a micro and macro level, your goals and what is meaningful to you professionally at every stage of life is a crucial step towards Performing at your best with longevity.

This coaching program will help you reassess, rediscover your passion, create a vision for further professional success and identify necessary shifts in perspective, skillsets and mindset that will enable you to keep moving towards sustained progress and success.


Who is it for?

This coaching program is for professionals looking to advance their careers, and keep reaching for progress, High-Performance in a meaningful and satisfying way, while increasing financial freedom and quality of life.

What will you accomplish?

Through this coaching program you will create clarity on your professional vision, Micro and Macro purpose, identify needs, and create a roadmap to your next level of professional success.

Change your Career, change your life

Career change, in many ways, feels like leaving a relationship behind and comes with emotional ups and downs, friction, and at times great fear as sometimes you are the one who decides to leave, and other times you are let go of. Asking the right question, creating a roadmap, and cultivating an optimal mindset will assist you in making this transition enjoyable and positive.

Get promoted

Some professional conversations can be successful with little or no preparation, but the promotion conversation is not one of them. Preparing strategically, building your self-confidence & getting into an energetic state that is optimal for this process will ensure your success time and time again.

Skillfully Renegotiate

Successful Negotiations are all about creating the sense that everyone is winning, which requires a balanced mindset and great charisma. Remove the obstacles to these tough conversations by understanding that negotiation is a process that demands ongoing learning, adapting, and influence. Establishing a clear strategy to embrace these tough conversations rather than avoid them.

Practical information


6-weeks program , 8-weeks program or 12-weeks program


The costs are available on request.


In person or online via Zoom, Skype or MS Teams

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Unleash your personal power with High-Performance Habits and lead by example.

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