Which came 1st, The Chicken or the Egg?

Here is a Question for the wise: Which came 1st, The Chicken or the Egg? Was it the motivation, which led to success or the Success, which led to motivation?
Why is it, that some of us cannot get past the plateaus life throws at us, while others seem to soar high in spite of it all?

The topic of this Blog is very appropriately a subject dear to my heart, the reason for my personal success & the missing link in most of our pursuits, which leads to the demise of our goals causing a negative domino effect in all other areas of our lives.

MENTAL TOUGHNESS is a mental focus & clarity, which creates the perfect internal environment enabling the individual to move through goals, hardship, and plateaus with the resolve necessary for ultimate success!

Mental toughness profoundly referred to as an exercise muscle by one of my very dear friends Renita Kalhorn (renowned Mental Toughness Coach), can be practiced daily.

Classified by 3 very important characteristics, Mental Toughness is:

1. Existence of a ‘Reason’ for doing, which goes beyond our immediate gains
Our ‘WHY’ must be such that no Expiry date applies to it? As our ‘Why’ for setting off on a Journey is the strongest pillar of the 3 for Mental Toughness and success; it must benefit more than our own immediate personal gain.

2. The ability to detach oneself from the possible reward
Failure is certain when our minds continuously seek gratification. To succeed it is crucial to master the art of ‘Resisting Instant Gratification’ & learn to give it our all.

3. Acceptance that there will be hurdles along the way
More often than not we visualize goals without understanding the implications & responsibilities associated with it. We fail because we have not adequately created an understanding of the task & have not mentally prepared for the inevitable hurdles. This causes great stress, which ultimately interrupts our good intentions and progress.

Theory is Meaningless without implementation!
Knowing what needs to be done is merely a 1st step, now you must create a plan of action, which allows for increased Mental Toughness & progress leading to ultimate Success.

  1.  Find your strong ‘WHY’. Dedicate time and energy to finding the essence of your reasons for setting & pursuing this goal. Create a mental reminder every day as you awake, late afternoon (as Discipline weakens) and before bedtime.
  2. Create a Mantra, a slogan which is meaningful to you & your goal: i.e. ‘I am Greater Than my Limitations’ or ‘Never an Easy Day’ …
Create a prominent location to place this written slogan so you can be reminded of it daily & repeat this to yourself at set intervals throughout each and every day.
  3. Set clear Goals; Short, intermediate & long term. Devise a plan of action & an emergency plan for facing known and unknown Hurdles.
  4. Prevent Unnecessary Stress ; you may Share your thoughts, but never preach your ways to those around you so that you are not perceived as intrusive. This will allow you to move calmly through your journey.
  5. Accept that falling down along the way is a necessary part of understanding how to get back up. Use every failure as a learning ground for future progress and success.

Unleash your personal power with High-Performance Habits and lead by example.

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