What is COVID-19 (Corona)virus?

A flue virus much like all the other flue viruses we have been exposed to.

What makes this virus a concern is the fact that it is a complete new chain of pathogen we have never been exposed to and therefor have not build immunity for. The specific characteristics of this particular virus is that it affects the Airways & the respiratory (causing severe coughing), causing excessive tiredness due to inability to absorb adequate amount of oxygen through the lungs & increasing risk of Pneumonia which is why this virus is considered deadly.

How does Corona spread?
It spreads through the air & through the touch. Touching surfaces & then touching the eyes, mouth & nose is a sure way to become infected. Due to the major symptom of Corona (respiratory) , being exposed to the Cough of another individual or coughing in public is the way the virus spreads. This is why SOCIAL-DISTANCING is absolutely crucial. We must take the instructions of the authorities very seriously & uphold the measures prescribed to avoid this virus from spreading like wild fire & overwhelming our medical systems.

Who are the at risk population?
Those with compromised immune systems, those who have diabetes, heart disease, going through chemo & radiation, those who have aids & autoimmune disease. The elderly with diminished immune system are also at greater risk to acquire this virus & suffer more than a relatively healthy individual catching this virus.

What about pregnant women?
Pregnant women are generally not a risk group by virtue of being pregnant. Their bodies have Naturally increased immune system capacity to prevent infections. Those with high risk pregnancies do require extra vigilance & safety measures.

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