Treating cause not Symptoms

From Lipitor to Beta blockers to antidepressants & “metabolism amplifiers”…etc. Humans try it all.

We have become a society of Instant gratification & quick fixes at any cost. Completely unaware of the tradeoffs we make on a daily basis to get ourselves “to the desired destination’ as rapidly as possible and in the meanwhile sticking to the Life habits which got us to our symptomatic states in the 1st place:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Fatty liver
  • Lack luster living
  • Insomnia & anxiety
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Obesity & over-fat bodies

Just to name a few of the deadly LIFESTYLE CREATED symptoms we try to pacify & ignore through utilizing the very well known method of : MEDICATION
The tragic truth is: not only are we simply fooling ourselves thinking that we will be successful at “ shoving the real issues under the proverbial carpet”, we also cause a severe snowball effect which causes more damage to our precious body’s than we can ever anticipate. This all whilst creating LIFELONG DEPENDENCE to the “quick fixes.

The RAW TRUTH is that both out Healthcare system & we ourselves are focusing on treating symptoms instead of getting to the root cause of our Health-Vitality-body conditions. Something as life altering as Type 2 diabetes & high blood pressure can simply be remedied with the right Coaching in LIFESTYLE CHOICES

With my Extensive Knowledge of how the body functions at its optimal level as well as expertise in Vitality Nutrition & Functional Medicine; I can help you LIVE with Vitality & lay a strong physical foundation ( no matter where you find yourself on the life-Health ladder!) so that your BRILLIANT MIND has an Optimal Vehicle to move it with greater ease on the Journey to HIGH PERFORMANCE LIVING.

“You cannot create health by adopting to the habits of a sick society.”
– Bahar Alexander –

Develop your High-Performance skills for greater mental, emotional and physical agility, resilience, and the personal power to pursue your dreams and aspirations as you create a positive impact in meaningful ways.

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