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Let me gently break it to you: Time management is a fallacy!


Trying to manage time is as ridiculous as trying to stop the day from turning into night and vice versa.

Time runs its own agenda without your consent.

Ask anyone if they feel that they have enough time to do what they need to do to realize their goals, and the general consensus will be:

No, there are not enough hours to the day.

So the trend has become the elusive attempt of “Time Management.”

This leads to false sense of confidence in your ability to “Control Time” and results in 2 outcomes:

  1. A sense of Powerlessness and Disapointment in the self
  2. Energy Depletion

Both moving you further away from your desired outcomes.

What you need to amplify your results is “SELF-Management”!

How can you do that?

By shifting your psychology, you will shift your outcomes and create extraordinary results.”
Why is it so crucial to start with your mindset, your psychology when aiming to 10x results?

Because how you think affects how you appraise tasks and how you utilize the 24hours you are given.

Here are the five most essential steps in shifting your psychology for extraordinary results:

  1. Stop working off a “To-Do-List.”

  • Instead: Create a High Value-adding task list, daily-weekly and Monthly. These will be the top 3 most value-adding activities and have the most significant impact on your mission completion.
  1. Stop Distractions

  • Instead: work with TIME BLOCKS while eliminating all distractions. If you work in an open-floor environment, communicate with those around you that you will need to focus on whatever you are busy with and ask them to come to you with their inquiry at a later designated time.
  1. Stop being a Perfectionist hogging all tasks

  • Instead: learn to delegate and take the time to teach someone else how to do the tasks outside of your TOP 3 highest value-adding personal tasks.
  1. Stop Procrastinating

  • Instead: embrace the daunting essential activities associated with creating mastery of your Most-value adding skills. When you increase your level of emotional resilience, you will gain the personal power to stop procrastination when tackling your growth hurdles.
  1. Stop Duplicating tasks

  • Instead: AUTOMATE tasks, in particular, those which compound in value as they no longer require your time and participation. Do so by developing Systems-Thinking disciplines.


As you apply these critical steps in planning for the successful accomplishment of your goals, you will witness an extraordinary shift in your level of satisfaction daily as your results 10x.

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High-Performance is all about working smarter, not harder.

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