The Super-Power you have and don’t know about.

Have you had enough of distractions? are you looking for smart and effective ways to focus your mind and get into FLOW?

“Our thoughts and emotions are FICKLE! They can shift habitually & automatically, and at the drop of a pin. this process takes place automatically and by default, until we decide to become intentional about it.”

How often have you found yourself struggling to avoid distractions?

What drives our thoughts and therefore our emotions are our Expectations based on our Perceptions, Personal Biases, and Self-image. I know what you are thinking: “Is this why you are writing this article? to point out my greatest dilemma?!”

That is not why I am writing this blog for you to read and hopefully internalize.

I am, in fact, writing this note to you to give you some fantastic news: your fickle mind is a blessing in disguise!

Because your mind is Fickle, you can shift your thinking as you desire through adaptive behavioral change.

“In absence of Conscious thinking your mind shifts like a drunk butterfly from one topic to the other and then back to the repetitive worry.”

Our minds are designed for their ability to multitask which is the essence of distraction, so we can, as in the cavemen days, enjoy a fresh hunt as we keep one eye and ear on the surrounding for potential unexpected danger.

What if you became INTENTIONAL about this whole process of distraction-ability? What if you choose what to distract your mind with? Can you imagine how this default mode will suddenly become your SUPER-POWER?

Train your Super-Powers with The Alexander Method Mindset Coaching 

I bet you are intrigued by how this paradox can serve you.

Allow me to clarify by giving you an analogy: have you ever seen two ducks duke it out in a fighting frenzy? I am sure you are familiar with the image. They attack each other ferociously and go at it intensely for a significantly short time. Then they separate, ruffle their feathers real hard, and proverbially shake off the experience as they head in opposite directions and their merry way.

Nature knows how to intentionally get back to where it feels at its best.

Anytime you find yourself feeling some negative emotion, fear, apprehension, anxiety, or worry, to name a few, all you want is to get back to feeling good. You have the untrained ability to get back to where you want to be mentally and emotionally. You only don’t know -YET- how to use this ability efficiently.

My greatest passion as a High-Performance personal transformation coach has always been helping my clients create the life experiences they desire, more success, financial independence, more joy, more energy and more meaningful relationships.

By learning how to master your mind, you will ultimately also manage your energy, which is needed for creating everything I mentioned above.

I have created the A.I. Dynamic technique for this very purpose, to help you reprogram your mind for Purposeful “distractions” that will bring you closer to your goals, desires, and objectives rather than distractions that limit you in achieving what you want.

The A.I. dynamic stands for the Attention-Intention-Dynamic. How it works is that you purposefully, INTENTIONALLY train your mind to stay focused on what you want or, in other words, distract your mind from where it has gone automatically to where you want to have it on purpose.

Using the specially designed techniques of A.I. Dynamic will bring ease and effectiveness to your process.

This process, repeated consistently, will rewire your brain to become much like a laser beam, pointing to the designated direction intentionally until the new way of thinking and feeling becomes your “Normal-state” and your new habit, creating a new sense of self.

“Training your mind is much like training a playful puppy to comply or taming a wild horse.”

The process is straightforward and nuanced yet effortful and demands commitment, but the results are guaranteed to shift your mind and, therefore, your life forever, for the better.

For those curious about the A.I. Dynamic technique and process, I would love to offer you a 30-min free consultation to ask your questions and find out how this incredible technique can help you train your mind for living your life INTENTIONALLY instead of in default.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

All my appreciation,

Your Coach,

Bahar Alexander

High-Performers live a life of purpose and alignment with their higher values as they positively impact the world.

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