The BluePrint for Success

The secret method used to grow the seeds of any dream to full flourishing

“Growth happens when you are not watching.”

It sounds like an oxymoron. Right?!

Have you heard the story about the Master Farmer who always had the best Corm crops? Year in year out from that 1st year, he started his dream of becoming a farmer, which was the scariest leap of faith he had ever taken; his seeds grew perfectly, his farm flourished remarkably.

He had a secret method he used which was instrumental in his Process.

What was that?

Every seed he planted, he kept digging up and measuring for growth and replanted again daily.

I hope you can see the ridiculousness of this fable which cannot possibly be depicting a success story.

When boiling a pan of water; the more often you lift the lid, the less the likelihood your water will come to boil.

The seeds you plant; need to be left in peace to grow.

Checking every day whether you see progress or not is a sure way to interrupt your Process. Yet, so many of you will recognize yourself in the story above.

Motivation maybe fully present for taking actions towards the objective, and that is not enough when the mind is obsessively focusing on what you have yet to reach.

  • You set your goal.
  • You Figure out why it is important to you
  • You figure out what you need to do to realize it
  • And yet, instead of focusing on the Process
  • You keep asking the goal: ARE WE THERE YET?


There is a mandatory gestational period for a seed to demonstrate its growth, that time is best used by giving that seed what it requires to grow: water, sunlight, and a whole lot of love. The seeds of your Dreams and aspirations are no exception to the rule.

Over the last 20+ years, 99.9% of the clients I have coached struggled with this pattern: IMPATIENCE & Ineffective attention distribution.

This tendency is detrimental to success creation, and therefore it is the 1st pattern I focus on correcting.

Why do I prioritize this necessary rewiring?

Because your focus, motivation, and willpower are finite.

Spend it on the obsessive calibration of the progress in relation to the end goal, and you are sure to waste precious Creative-energy.

A wise way to utilize your creative power is focusing on day-to-day success, which has everything to do with the Process. What needs to be done every day is how you measure your movement towards goal completion.

Whether the goal, objective, or mission is to:

  • Increasing your income
  • Getting a promotion
  • Finding your purpose
  • Building success habits
  • Build your Leadership Skills
  • Building self-confidence
  • Creating a healthy, strong body
  • The increasing level of Joy in lifeĀ 
  • Create healthy Relationships etc.

It doesn’t matter much. The Success blueprint is the same. Your focus must be put entirely on the Process once the goal is set and the “How” is clarified.

The Success Blueprint:

The most effective way to GROW your dreams is the following five steps

  1. Create a clear Vision of your Goal and visualize it daily
  2. Establish what top 3 actions are required daily to move you toward your mission
  3. Keep a log of activity success to follow through daily with your 3 Most important priorities
  4. Clarify your possible challenges and obstacles
  5. Establish three tools you can utilize when your challenges arise and train your mind for flexibility and resilience

“When one moves confidently in the direction of their dreams, endeavoring to live the life they imagined, they will pass an invisible boundary meeting with success in the common hour.” (Henry David Threau)


Use “The BluePrint for Success” and accomplish any goal, no matter the size of the dream.

Unleash your personal power with High-Performance Habits and lead by example.

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