“Monday-Blues” or “Motivation-Monday?

Monday; the truth

The Truth is, no matter how “Mentally Tough”; you may have Monday’s..or simply days when you wake up feeling “suboptimal”: not quite rested, not ready to start the new day..new week, feeling low on energy & less than motivated..never mind INSPIRED.

Now, you have two choices at this very moment: 1) stay with this sub-optimal level of mental wellness & allow it to hijack your entire day…days ORRRRR 2) you can step between your imaginary sense of wellbeing -and- reaction to it…CHOOSE A BETTER FEELING THOUGHT & action!
“Your mind is NON-Prejudice, it will believe whatever crappy or feel good thought you feed it.”

“ My Mantra For today: My heart is light & my mind Focused, I will LIVE in THIS MOMENT Fully!”

If you are among the wise who choose option 2, this is your 4 step plan to FEELING EMPOWERED INSTANTLY : 1) Get up and stretch your body like a superhero. This will immediately put you in a physical state to allow more positivity! 2) Take 5 deep nasal breaths counting 5 sec on the inhale & 8 on the exhale. This will calm your mind and bring about clarity/tranquility of mind, while SUPERCHARGING your Brain waves putting you in Beta state of mindset. 3) Pick a powerful Mantra to say out loud and repeat internally throughout the day. Something which feels AUTHENTIC to Who YOU ARE! Last but not least 4) Notice 3 things YOU are GRATEFUL for Today & move with gratitude today. This will be the finishing touch to your NEW STATE of Mental Wellbeing and put you instantly on a trajectory to EXPERIENCE TODAY FULLY

High-Performers live a life of purpose and alignment with their higher values as they positively impact the world.

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