Lose your Belly bulge &/or Love Handles effectively

How to Maximize Growth & Preserve Muscle fibers!

A topic which attracts the most attention when it comes to creating a lean physique & most probably the Topic written about most in the Health & Fitness Industry: is the QUEST FOR a Flat Belly! Unfortunately most information you find on this topic is tailored to the “Quick Results” mindset, but the TRUTH is; effectively fixing this problem area requires Commitment & Patience which most people don’t want to hear or read about.

Now let’s get to the 5 reasons why you may still be fighting this battle:

1. Imbalanced Daily Nutrition
For the Majority of us, our daily Nutrition is inadequately balanced in relation to our activities of daily living.

  • Eating every 2-3 hours: is only meant for those who sit less than 3 hour per day!
  • Macro nutrient imbalance: Protein Carbohydrates- Fats ratio is heavily skewed towards carbohydrates for most individuals (mostly in forms of refined sugar: Juices, refined dairy products, bread, pasta… & even PROTEIN Supplements).
  • Not enough High quality protein to support Metabolism (0.8 -2 gm of protein per LB of Body weight is the norm)

Eat your lifestyle

  • If you sit more than 3 hours a day, eat 3 square meals + 1 snack (1 cup of raw vegetables + 16 Almonds or 1 tablespoon of Hummus) at 16:00 to prevent low blood sugar leading to over indulgence at dinner time.
  • Make sure that the majority of your Carbohydrates come from Vegetables, then fruit & lastly grains (unrefined) & Legumes.
  • Be sure to include high quality protein at every meal & snack :
    1 oz for snack
    3 oz for meals ….and no, a conventional Protein bar will not do!

2. Excessive Consumption of pre-packaged foods

The “easy to grab- beloved Quest Bar” , highly processed meat, a high sugar content “energy drink” , Soda & Juices instead of a fresh piece of fruit: all options are nasty contributors of the “Belly Bulge & the Hated Love Handle” (who ever come up with that idiotic name should be shot in the foot by the way…talk about an Irony, It should called the “HATE HANDLE” in my humble opinion!)


  • Invest in your Lean Physique by carving out time to meal prep & stop sabotaging your Flat Belly goals.
  • Don’t be fooled by the Consumer industries false promises of “High Quality protein” when it comes to protein bars, they are in effect high protein candy bars and should only be consumed when “Real Food” or other natural proteins are not available.
  • Learn to read food labels: ingredients you DON’T recognize are not a part of a “Flat Belly” lifestyle!

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