Improve Your Communication Skills

How do you maintain your relationships?
“How you maintain any relationship, is how you maintain every relationship”

Overzealous or self-absorbed, patient or abrupt? Assuming the worst in situations or being an optimist, perhaps needing constant validation from your surroundings?
We maintain our relationships through verbal & non verbal communications as well as our behavioral tendencies.

“How we respond to our outside world is usually pretty consistent. Someone who is impatient will not magically develop nerves of steel in the moment of urgency.”

You may find yourself unable to forge healthy work relationships, communicate your needs efficiently, feel misunderstood, jump to conclusions too often & “take out a bazooka to kill a mosquito” in disagreements … etc. If this resonates, I suggest you have an honest conversation with a few individuals in your more intimate relationships (perhaps a partner & a sibling) to get to know your own communication tendencies from their perspective. Once you find the common thread & clearly see your patterns, with a great dose of humility; it becomes crystal clear what requires improvement. The Ability to respond in a healthy way to our environment is our RESPONSIBILITY & one which requires a good amount of self-reflection.

If you continuously find yourself “unable” to get along with colleagues or your boss, feel the need to escape relationships (both Personal & professional); it is time to give some much needed attention to correcting some unhealthy communication styles & addictive self-protection behaviors you may have spend majority of your life building.

The great news is that this skill, to communicate in a healthy way; is much like building muscle fibers. The more you practice it, the STRONGER it becomes.

Considering we don’t live on a deserted island where there is no need to consider the implications of our communications styles, we would be wise to SELF-Improve.

Opportunities are created, connections are forged through healthy communication which impact our lives both personally & professionally.

And YES! You can teach an old dog new tricks! 😉

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