Growth Mindset

“It is impossible to fly, if you are tied down.”

In these strange times, we may find ourselves asking: where is life going? Will We ever be able to live a normal life again? We reason from our past experiences, always clinging to our habits, structure & routines. To maintain our past “normal” is nearly impossible & will be address to much challenge in the future. We get sad, panic & feel frustrated by the realization that THINGS WILL CHANGE.

Is it such a bad thing, this “CHANGE”?

“From infancy, all we do is break away from habits. 1st we roll around for a number of months, then finally lift our heads to observe the world. After many months of much frustration and failed attempts we learn to sit. It is a long journey to standing…hands free walking..talking. You FOLLOW WHERE AM GOING WITH THIS?😉


It forces the Juices of Creativity to flow!
The openness to change requires what we call a “GROWTH MINDSET” (flexible in nature & open to change) versus a FIXED MINDSET which is rigid & clings to a false sense of continued full control as well as disinterest in change of any kind.

The more practice we have in cultivating a “GROWTH MINDSET”, the more quality we add to our lives & ultimately to our ability to deal with challenges such as a pandemic.
Choose to view our current predicament as a Paradigm shift, here to advance our capabilities and not a limit to our growth.

Unshackle from your learnt beliefs limiting your creativity & SOAR HIGH specially in tough times.

Unleash your personal power with High-Performance Habits and lead by example.

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