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The flight simulator exercise has a few hidden lessons for anyone aiming to succeed in life.

The “flight simulator” exercise is used to train pilots to adapt their nervous system and cope with the most challenging obstacles flying an aircraft can bring with it.

Focus, performance under pressure, cognitive capacity & decision-making, quick reaction time & the ability to maintain mental balance despite the impulses in presence of fear; are a few of the skills the Flight simulator experience helps the pilot develop.

What the pilot experiences in an exercise is far beyond anything they may ever encounter during an actual flight, with all different scenarios of what could go wrong rolled into one gut-turning, anxiety-provoking & resilience-testing experience.

Why do these tests stretch the individual with such extreme intensity? Because it builds TOUGHNESS, mentally, emotionally & physically.

This TOUGHNESS allows for remarkable coping capacity under any challenging flight experience.

For anyone to succeed in any field, personally or professionally; it would be wise to contemplate the lesson here:

When we aim to GROW & DEVELOP our capacity for success, we cannot restrict our practice to comfort and ease.

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal beyond our last found capacity.”

Earl Nightingale

Success is all about incrementally growing our capacity for the realization of an elevated self, much like a tree grow’s its branches; we too, grow and expand as we continue to reach an optimized version of ourselves.

Success, despite contrary beliefs, is much more about becoming than achieving than reaching a goal. Reading & learning, acquiring knowledge is one thing, the embodiment of the skill is something entirely different.

Success is an embodied state of being which enables our psychology to assess and embrace opportunities for self-improvement as we aim to EMBRACE situations that truly test our capacity to respond through our acquired knowledge.

This does not justify the proverb “no pain no gain”, because pain is a PERCEPTION of an experience & not the experience.

Our perception always defines our experience. If the stretch is perceived as a mandatory requirement for post-traumatic growth, then you will embrace it with either acceptance or enthusiasm.

Either way, you will not experience pain anymore. Pain is inexperienced only when we are resistant to any particular experience.

Obstacles along the path to Success are the growth opportunities that make success possible. Learn to embrace the “simulator” on your journey to extraordinary success & embrace the mandatory stretch.

Now WATCH SUCCESS MULTIPLY effortlessly as you become wise & develop TOUGHNESS.

“Shift your Psychology to shift your Physiology & CHANGE YOUR LIFE!”

Bahar Alexander

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