Conscious Leadership

Become an AFFECTIVE Leader

There is not a single human being who does not like to share their opinion, try to instill wisdom or simply give Steer to impact someone else in one way or another. We all want to lead yet few make it past “BEING the BOSS”.

Ask anyone who aspires to be a leader, why they want to become one, and they will tell you: “I want to inspire change and make an impact”.

To inspire change, one must be willing to embody the qualities they seek to bring about in their environment.

Leadership in many ways is like parenting. The “kids” will watch and learn from HOW YOU BEHAVE rather than take steer from the words you speak! The kids do not like being bossed around, neither do employees.

Becoming a Conscious Leader much like becoming a Conscious parent takes you from “being the Boss” to becoming the INSPIRATIONAL Leader who Influences with EASE and Grace.

A Great Leader is a Conscious Leader who knows how to INSPIRE a team to MOVE.

Where Leadership focuses greatly on the hard-skills required for the Job, Conscious leadership goes beyond this limit and advances the soft-skills which are paramount to people leadership.

A Leader focuses on EFFECTIVE Execution of a Vision.

A CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP is about being AFFECTIVE, which is the ability to CONNECT with and INFLUENCE others to achieve common goals through strong relationships and emotional attachment with charismatic embodiment of a strong value system.

Conscious leadership is about the ability to with great precision hire the right people and empower them to take ownership, while a leader who lacks this conscious ability will often fall into the lethal trap of micro-managing.

A leader faced with challenging times may choose the classic redundant way of responding by Cutting costs, cutting departments, and eliminating jobs, whereas a Conscious leader works with: Creativity- Agility and Kindness

They choose to Pivot, come up with creative solutions with Passion, Care, Integrity, High levels of analytical abilities – emotional intelligence – and Systems thinking.

A Conscious leader understands people!

They have a strong understanding of Human drivers, have mastered the art of Human Relations, they inspire, motivate and steer in the direction of the clearly communicated Vision with care and compassion.

This Affective way of leading awakens in those you aim to influence :

  • Trust
  • Ownership
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Loyalty
  • Egalitarianism

Here are 3 distinct steps to becoming a Conscious Leader:

  1. Cultivate a Growth-Mindset: Possibilities thinking with creativity, agility, and engagement.
  2. Sharpen and advance Human Relations capacities: create a culture of inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment.
  3. Lead by Example: Embody the values you seek to bring about in your team.

Conscious Leadership ability is not something one is born with, it is CULTIVATED.

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