Nov 23, 2020 | AM blogs

The art of behavior Change: Part 1

By Bahar Alexander

Do you have the tools for behavior change?

Have you ever struggled with a habit or a tendency which required changing? And in spite of many attempts find yourself still stuck with the behavior? You maybe asking: what is wrong with me? Why am I so weak?! How come I just cannot get this right?

Well, YOU ARE NOT WEAK & there is nothing wrong with you.

There is just something very wrong with your tools for behavioral change! The methodology used for Creating behavior change are very simple & no different than what is required to solidify that initial “wrong behavior” you are now trying to replace.

What are these tools?
There are 2 foundational ones:

  1. Consistency
  2. Repetition

Only issue here is that most people do not create a solid plan for success. What must you pay close attention to when devising a solid plan which is success proof?

  • Define your intention
  • Decide WHY it is necessary: Increase motivation/necessity
  • Simplify the activity required
  • CREATE SOLID TRIGGERS for your practice to be prompted

This all does require Creativity, Self awareness & self discipline.

I make my living teaching people how to develop desired skills & get rid of tendencies that are detrimental to their Success. Watch the YouTube Video on this topic: The Art of creating Behavior change – YouTube

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Tell me what and why? I will show you the way.

Time waits for no one! Invest in your greatest asset, invest in yourself!