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The art of behavior Change: part 2

By Bahar Alexander

You want self transformation?

Behavior Change, replacing an undesirable habit with a better one or simply learning a new skill requires time & effort. When we talk about “change” of Behavior we generally think of a particular “DOING”~ ACTIVITY.

Certain activities are naturally required for goal accomplishment, such as having a daily planner for someone who wants to be more organized and time efficient. Or the case of the individual who wants to lose stubborn body fat & create the body that is aesthetically pleasing or healthier through healthy eating & exercise

Yet, if activities were enough for achieving these & all other transformations; there wouldn’t be so many people looking for some secret tool to break through their bad habits & FINALLY shift the scale on their progress-setback equation.

What most self-help books don’t talk about & coaches don’t emphasize enough are the practices of “BEING” which truly crack the code to self-transformation & mastery.

The “State of Being” referred to here is most commonly known as “SELF-Image”. In FACT there is no amount of “ACTIVITY” which will bring about compounding progress & transformation, unless SELF-IMAGE gets a high dose of TLC. When an individual doubts their own self Worth, they WILL sabotage their own “good deeds” so that any outcome will more authentically reflect how they view themselves: NOT WORTHY of the aspirations.


To discover what your SELF-Image is in relation to a certain goal or desire:

  1. Examine you previous attempts at reaching a particular goal. What were the thoughts & emotions which prevented you from reaching or maintaining success.
  2. Pay close attention to the “phantom fears” you feel as you think about your ability to follow through after the goal is set.
  3. Gauge your emotional readiness before starting a task and if you feel anything but energized at the anticipation of a positive outcome equal to your efforts, STOP & question your emotions as well as the accompanied thoughts: look for facts & not assumptions.

With a great dose of self-reflection & honest-brave self appraisal, YOU CAN MAKE ANY TRANSITION Happen. Watch the Youtube video on this topic: Behavior Change pt.3: Building Habits – YouTube


I will take your Good & turn it into Extraordinary at a speed which will make most heads spin 😉

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