Success Habits

Roadmap to lasting behavior change

Would you change your thinking, feelings & habits if your LIFE depended on it?

If someone you trusted wholely would urge you to make a shift in your life, Give up a vice, Let go of a grudge, Eat healthier, Exercise more, Adapt your social skills; OTHERWISE, YOU WILL DIE! 😰

Would you take their advice?

I bet your answer is: YES!

It turns out, even people with heart disease, when told, “if they don’t change their lifestyle habits, they will die,” 90% CANNOT DO IT!

When was the last time you took a vow to change a limiting habit? Or to adopt a habit crucial for accomplishing your goals?

Did you follow through?


WAIT! There is HOPE‼️

The truth is:
  • You are not incompetent!
  • And You do want it bad enough!
What stops most people from followthrough?

They don’t have a clear roadmap necessary for bridging the gap between their desire & the Completion of the goal.

  • They stop at wanting
  • They lack strategy
  • They don’t plan for momentary lapses
You see, Behavior Change is simple!
It is just NOT EASY!

And if anyone tells you it is; You would be wise not to believe them😉

I never sugar cote this truth for my clients seeking to SELF-Improve, And the ones READY, Embrace the CHALLENGES bravely.

Here is a short set of strategies for Behavior change:
  1. Be specific with your goal setting
  2. Specify which changes are necessary for the goal realization
  3. Specify what you need to give up to create momentum
  4. Keep the momentum going by having a specific set of a handful of tasks most conducive for success for daily application
  5. Recognize your limiting self-beliefs and plan for falling off the wagon
  6. Focus on the day to day process success & celebrate them

How are you doing on your FOLLOWTHROUGH?

What one thing can you do today to shift the progress scale?

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