EuStress: Jetfuel for Performance

Contribution of Stress to High Performance

“Stress,” Who has not felt it at one point or another?

The consensus on “stress” is that it is BAD for you. However, not all stress has an equally adverse effect on the body, mind & general wellbeing.

There are two distinct classifications for Stress:

1. Eustress: is stress caused when the human mind Experiences EXCITEMENT in anticipation of an experience.

Eustress contributes to increased immune system health, Creativity as well as Focus which together contribute to a higher level of Cognitive Capacity and Mental-Performance.

2. Destress: is a byproduct of anxiety, anguish & a sense of being “out of control.”

Chronic levels of this phenomenon are the #1 cause of health complications, disease as well as Fear, Doubt, and Mental-emptional Constriction which causes self-sabotage & inability to utilize your full Cognitive Capacity and human Potential.

The trouble is that most people do not distinguish between these two very distinct levels of stress and react through their emotional filter, much like taking out a “bazooka to kill a mosquito,” which is devastatingly ineffective.

Why do we do this?

Because we are unaware of our “SUBCONSCIOUS” programmings which can inhibit an accurate & proportional response to our experiences.

“In Times of Stress, we may know Consciously that our REACTIVITY is not rational, but logic is a weak weapon in disarming the Subconscious programs which run our Fear-Patterns.”

Bahar Alexander

The only tool proven effective in turning DISTRESS response to EUSTRESS response is a distinct reprogramming process that changes the emotional mind’s unconscious programming.

Once we take the necessary steps in reprogramming some of the unhealthy patterns responsible for our ways of reacting to the challenges we face, there is a distinct shift in what type of stress we allow ourselves to experience.

Now the circumstances are no longer responsible for how we feel. Instead, WE ARE FULLY in control of our mental and emotional states.

Here are 3 effective hacks to turn Destress into Eustress:

  1. Create space: avoid spontaneous reactions to situations that may cause stress. Create space between Stimulus and Response by removing yourself literally or figuratively from the situation
  2. Heart-Brain Coherence: focus on adequate breathing increases oxygenation to the brain allowing for a conscious connection between the rational and emotional brain connecting you to a state of calm intuition
  3. Ask Questions: it is often a lack of information that leads to running subconscious fear patterns. by finding more information about the source of your stress, you will find empowerment which will support a more balanced approach in finding creative-solutions

Are you ready to Level up your Performance by learn how to:

  1. Capitalize on Eustress?
  2. Reprogram your subconscious: correct self-sabotage, sharpen your creativity and focus?
  3. Take control of your life experiences?

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