Highly effective practices of the world’s “High-Performers”

5 Highly effective High-Performance Practices

“High performance means consistently succeeding beyond standard norms over an extended period of time.” Brendon Burchard

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This classification of individuals achieve their success through practices which influence 2 fastest of their performance:
  1. How they show up in the world
  2. How they respond to their experiences 

Here are 5 highly effective practices which will turn YOUR day into a HIGH-PERFORMANCE DAY any day which you may not know about:


  1. They pay attention to and correct their posture

Research in Behavioral Psychology shows that how you hold your body has an immediate impact on your mood, confidence levels & how the outside world perceives you

Hence the highly used superman poster instantly impacts the confidence level of an individual

  1. They work on a “Most prolific list of priorities” instead of a “to-do list.”

High Performers do the most essential things 1st even if those tasks are the toughest

“High prolific tasks are those which adds the highest value on a daily, weekly, monthly & longer term.”

  1. They use Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) practices to replenish their energy levels throughout the day

One such practice is a 5 min focused breathing that can be done anytime & anywhere, which sharpens focus & recharges the brain for more analytical thinking capacities

  1. They TAKE THE STAIRS instead of the lift to maintain their Longevity and stamina

According to World Health Organization (WHO), MOVEMENT, not exercise, is the key to health & Longevity.

Contrary to standard practices, standing at your desk is not considered a movement unless you move your legs and shift your body’s center of gravity.

  1. They ASK QUESTIONS instead of making assumptions.

When we assume things instead of asking questions, the mind falls victim to “limbic hijack.” which is an emotional response that is immediate, overwhelming, and out of measure with the actual stimulus because it has triggered a much more significant emotional threat. (Daniel Goleman)

Assuming instead of Asking questions is the proverbial equivalent of “taking out a  bazooka to kill a mosquito.” And a sure way to waste energy and create conflicts.

This practice of asking questions instead of drawing assumptions helps High-Performers stay in control of their Energy & Emotional stamina, increasing their EQ (emotional intelligence). EQ is much more important than IQ in mastering the challenges of day-to-day decision-making leadership.

Try one or all these Highly Effective practices & supercharge your day, any day.

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Brendon Burchard’s 12-week Certified High-Performance Coaching program – The Alexander Method (alexandermtd.com)


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