The 6 Steps of Exercise & Nutrition for your Permanent 6 pack-abs

The 6 pack-abs

In today’s World one thing we have no shortage of is Miss-information & Short-cut plans promising you Abs of steel in a matter of minutes.

Well, I hate to be the “bearer of Bad- news”; But it still gives me great joy to burst this nonsense Bubble. You will only be able to experience the visibility of a perfectly shaped “6 Pack” through a disciplined lifestyle & deliberate practice of these 6 Rules of Nutrition & Exercise consistently!
Don’t be fooled by the Fad diets & exercise gimmicks out there; the only way to creating a chiseled midsection which will last year in and out & improve over time is by doing the hard work.

The plan
The 6 steps mentioned below are not mere suggestions, but a plan developed by me over the years through diligent practice of the RED Lifestyle. My pursuit of six pack abs started many years ago and thanks to my RED Lifestyle has only improved over time.
Remember that any progress, lasting & worth having requires: Dedication, Patience & deliberate daily practice.

Step 1
Exercise: focus on exercises where your entire torso is NOT to complete contact with the floor! In order to stimulate the entire core, you must create compression in all the muscles of the mid- section. (i.e. the pilates / yoga Boat exercise )
Nutrition: Eat water rich vegetables & fruit to combat fluid retention in the intestinal track & stomach ( reduce the swelling in the edema)

Step 2
Exercise: Progress from engaging lower abs & core before Upper abs & core. This technique is referred to as pre-exhaustion which will shorten your training time while giving the best results. An Example would be: Hanging leg raises!

Nutrition: include Cayenne pepper & chili peppers in your Diet for their amazing capacity to help you Burn abdominal ( reserve) fat

Step 3
Exercise: Rotational exercises are Key in developing your tight midsection as they target the most neglected part of the core: internal Obliques & the transverse abdominal muscles.

Nutrition: Add Cinnamon to your Diet to stabilize your Blood sugar & combat food craving between meals. “Grazing” is one of the reasons why people tend to over consume calories beyond what their bodies require. This excess is stored in the entire body but 1st and foremost in the stomach area!

Step 4
Exercise: minimize rest between exercises. This increases the stress to the muscles which are always active and are used to a relative level of stress & amplify your results.

Nutrition: Drink more water all through the day. This helps food matter move along effectively & prevent bloating as well as prevent you from overeating as Thirst is often mistaken with Hunger.

Step 5
Exercise: Learn to do a perfect plank and work up to holding it in all directions for 60 sec. minimum.

Nutrition: replace full fat dairy with low fat alternatives to reduce your consumption of dairy fat which is not processed properly in our bodies for energy and is held on to as reserve.

Step 6
Exercise: Increase your muscle stimulation during your ab training by flexing the muscles
both at the top and the end of the movement. By statically flexing the muscle while creating a dynamic movement you will cause greater compression to the core which will reduce your exercise time while making every repetition more effective.

Nutrition: Remember, not all Calories are created equal. You must eat Pure Food to guarantee results whether your Goal is a Healthier Body or an Aesthetically pleasing one.

Be Consistent with the practice of these 6 steps next to your 8 Commandments of Nutrition to amplify your results & Remember: THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS to lasting progress!

Develop your High-Performance skills for greater mental, emotional and physical agility, resilience, and the personal power to pursue your dreams and aspirations as you create a positive impact in meaningful ways.

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