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Welcome to the Alexander Method, where high-performance and leadership coach Bahar brings unparalleled expertise to elevate your team’s performance. As a certified Working Genius coach, Bahar offers a transformative three-day bootcamp designed to unlock your team’s full potential. This bootcamp goes beyond the basics, providing personalized guidance to each team member, ensuring that the insights gained from the Working Genius assessment are effectively integrated into your daily operations. With a proven track record of success and partnerships with industry leaders, Bahar’s method fosters better communication, enhances team dynamics, and drives remarkable improvements in productivity and job satisfaction. Explore our success stories, read testimonials, and discover why partnering with Bahar is the strategic choice for any organization aiming to achieve peak performance. Join us for this transformative experience and watch your team thrive like never before.

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Exclusive 3-day Bootcamp


A comprehensive 3-day bootcamp where we conduct assessments with your team to identify each member’s Working Genius. We provide a tailored plan for both individual and team development.


  • Day 1: Introduction and individual assessments 
  • Day 2: Team assessments and dynamics analysis.
  • Day 3: Personalized action plans and strategies for implementation.


Online coaching and possibility to visit your company


We are only looking for companies that fit our requirements to achieve the best results. Therefor we offer free discovery calls to see if we are a compatible match. Book a call to find out, at this moment we only have 3 spots available.

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Our Trusted Partners

Bahar has had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse array of partners, ranging from innovative startups to established industry leaders. By leveraging her expertise in the Working Genius assessment, she has empowered their teams to achieve peak performance. By identifying individual strengths and fostering a deeper understanding of team dynamics, Bahar’s coaching has transformed workflows and enhanced productivity. Her tailored approach ensures that each team member operates at their highest potential, driving collective success and fostering a culture of excellence within the organization.

The Working Genius assessment is a revolutionary tool that identifies the natural gifts and strengths of each team member. By understanding these inherent talents, leaders can strategically align tasks and responsibilities, ensuring everyone is working in their zone of genius. This not only boosts productivity but also enhances job satisfaction and team cohesion. Bahar’s application of this assessment has consistently delivered transformative results for her clients.

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The results of Bahar’s transformative coaching are best expressed through the experiences of those she has worked with. Below, you’ll find a selection of LinkedIn testimonials from leaders and team members who have benefited from her expertise with the Working Genius assessment. These testimonials highlight the significant improvements in team dynamics, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. To read more about how Bahar has helped various organizations achieve success, visit her LinkedIn for additional testimonials and success stories.

Jamie Zinn · Director of Strategic Growth - RallyUp

Where do I start? I was recommended for the Valor coaching program and boy was I in for a treat! Once paired with Bahar, everything for me changed...for the BETTER! Bahar and I instantly connected, and she really helped me to open my mind to what I wasn't able to find within myself, by myself. Through her coaching, mentorship and recommendations on simple life practices, I was able to focus on what really matters to me personally and professionally. She helped me to understand my strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement which ultimately led me to make a change in my career. After discovering My Working Genius, I started to look deeply into what makes me tick, what makes me happy, and what my ultimate strengths really are. Even after our sessions ended, I actively use what Bahar taught me in my day-to-day life. I am forever grateful for Bahar and her mentorship, I couldn't recommend her more! Thank you Bahar for everything, you truly are the very BEST!

Austin Merrett · Director - Swush Ltd

My life is on a different level now.

How I perform for my clients and team. How I sleep. How I eat. How I live each day has improved exponentially through the coaching, guidance and empowerment Bahar has given me.

She’s been there every step of the way to hep me build the foundations for my new life through new ways of thinking and doing.

Through our work I have a better understanding of my purpose, my resilience is high and I finally know my self.

When you’ve been coached by Bahar, you see the world differently and through that new lens you can achieve mastery of your life.

Abdulelah Nasieef · Petroleum Scientist - Saudi Aramco

Deciding to contact Bahar for coaching is one of the best decisions I ever made. Although it is so unjust for me to write a few lines about the positive impact that she has brought into my life and family’s but I’ll try my best. She is very kind, professional, and compassionate just to name a few virtues. She treats her clients with the highest level of respect and integrity. She provides the necessary tools and knowledge to thrive rather than depend on her. Her ability to simplify difficult and complex concept amazes me every time. She does it through storytelling, metaphors, analogies or give examples. She has a tremendous ability to judge when the next development phase can start and when to dig deeper into important unresolved issues. I’m extremely grateful for her guidance and coaching. I can’t recommend her highly enough for anyone who is looking to improve their lives when it comes to health, wealth, relationship or career.

Inga Stasiulionyte · Elite Performance & Leadership Coach - Founder & CEO

Bahar's extensive expertise in human performance and leadership coaching, her profound understanding of behavioral psychology, and her keen analytical skills offer invaluable insights. I consider myself fortunate to have undergone a working genius assessment under her guidance.

I was truly amazed by the effectiveness of the working genius assessment. Bahar adeptly helped me gain a deeper understanding of my natural inclinations and how to harness my full potential. The assessment illuminated areas where I might falter in achieving optimal performance and potentially disrupt teamwork and project progression. Through Bahar's guidance, our team discovered how to empower each other for enhanced performance and conduct more productive team meetings.

While the benefits of collaborating with diverse team members are evident, it also presents significant challenges in fostering effective teamwork. I wholeheartedly endorse engaging Bahar to lead the working genius assessment, as it not only enhances personal and team outcomes but also fosters genuine enjoyment in performance and team dynamics.

Thank you, Bahar, for making our team unstoppable!


Why work with Bahar?

Choosing to work with Bahar goes far beyond simply purchasing the Working Genius assessment and completing it online. While the assessment itself is a powerful tool, Bahar’s personalized guidance ensures that its potential is fully realized. She doesn’t just identify your team’s working geniuses; she works closely with each individual to interpret the results, providing tailored coaching that drives real improvement. Bahar’s hands-on approach helps integrate these insights into actionable strategies, fostering better communication, enhancing team dynamics, and significantly boosting overall performance. Her expertise and personalized touch transform the assessment into a catalyst for sustainable growth and success.

What is the difference from working with other personality assessments?

The biggest difference is that Working Genius is easily and directly applied to work—how people work and how work gets done and, finally, what type of work brings someone joy and energy. In other words, it’s as much a productivity tool as it is a personality model.

For a team, Working Genius brings a framework to understand different types of work and offers insight into how people can better work together when they leverage one another’s strengths. The application of Working Genius leads to improvements in hiring, team communication, conversations around planning and execution, meetings and so much more.

What does the report identify

The Working Genius Assessment is a tool designed to help you identify the gifts your team bring to work. The custom report provides detailed insights about their areas of Working Genius, Working Competency and Working Frustration along with an application section that will help them leverage this information in their work and life.

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