“Master your Mind,
Master your Life.”

The Alexander Method is a systematic and comprehensive Road-Map designed to SHIFT your current Paradigm and reprogram your Sub-Conscious mind for living a fulfilling life of Success and High Performance with longevity and vitality sustained over a lifetime.

AM will helps you SHIFT your current Paradigm for a LIFE OF ABUNDANCE in all 3 levels of life:

  • Personal life, Health and relationships
  • Vocation, Professional life
  • Money and Time Freedom

Imran Hariri


After only 3 months of coaching by Bahar, I’ve experienced and enjoyed results I’ve been trying to achieve for more than 10 years. She helped me make permanent life changes for better health and body. The nutritional expertise she offers for improving my diet has led to drastic improvements in my daily life. It is entirely worth the investment in myself. Because of Bahar’s guidance in restructuring my diet, I’m now eating naturally and feeling better than ever before! Reducing my body fat mass to the lower end of the normal range (waistline down from 93cm to 83cm) while increasing my muscle mass. The expertise and guidance she’s provided through my customized strength training program have been remarkable. I now have an increased core strength for balance and focus, long and short-term endurance, faster muscle recovery, and increased lean muscle size and strength. Last but not least, this new lifestyle that Bahar helped develop has resulted in feeling less fatigue, despite the very busy and stressful work responsibilities, elimination of food cravings, improved digestion, improved sleep pattern, commitment, and discipline.

James Smith


There are very few people in this world who consistently keep promises. Bahar is one of those people. She has amazing character and has taught me so much about improving physically and emotionally. I have never met anyone who does a better job of teaching the principles of mental toughness, focus, and discipline. Bahar’s inspirational example has helped change my life. She also inspired my children to be the best versions of themselves. She is the best leader I know.

Dr. Sheri Fluellen


I’ve had the privilege of getting to see and experience Bahar in action as a coach. She demonstrates an unwavering commitment to personal growth and professional excellence. The best coaches are able to be vulnerable within themselves while holding space for their client’s vulnerability. “Practice what you preach.” Bahar does just this. I highly recommend her to level up yourself in life!

Coaching programs

Self and Life Mastery High Performance Living

A progressive coaching programs, divided into 3 levels, for Self and Life Mastery High Performance Living.

Level 3

High-Performance for Life Mastery

This level of the Alexander Method training is designed to Create High-Performance Mastery beyond the accelerate Level.

Level 2

Accelerator for high performance

This level of the Alexander Method training is designed to accelerate the capacity for self-mastery beyond the foundation built in the Foundation level.

Level 1

Foundation for High Performance

This level of the Alexander Method is Designed to create a strong foundation for High-Performance Living: Self Mastery.

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Finding Balance & Peace

Hello, I am Bahar Alexander. Driven by my sense of purpose, I have created The Alexander Method to help YOU Self-Actualize for Life Success.

Bahar Alexander

“Bahar is a being of inspiration and wisdom and is an all round beautiful soul. This woman has taught me many lessons over the past five years including the fact that you can do anything, be anything and conquer all the obstacles along the way with the right mindset.”

– Kylie –



“Bahar has helped me in many ways, not only reshaping my body, but also growing stronger physically and mentally and all of my physical complaints have been resolved. My skin has is glowing and plump again, my body is toned and my mind full of energy.”

Feras Nasief


I’ve struggled my whole life with finding the nutritional balance that works best for me; thanks to Bahar, I am finally able to reach that balance. Only 3 months into my body and mind transformation, I have been feeling the best shape of my life physically and mentally. Thank you, Bahar, for this amazing journey, and I’m very grateful to have such a great coach.

Gertjan de Mare


Bahar is my guide in creating more everyday awareness. I am much more aware of unconscious patterns and behaviors. Together with Bahar, we will work on mindset mastery and being conscious. Thanks, Bahar



“This training truly raised the level of my game. Bahar’s advice on training, form and nutrition was immensely profound and thought through – and combined with spot-on motivation to keep me going. Thanks a lot!”



“I became a yoga teacher about 4 years ago and you, as my first teacher in Doha, have been a great inspiration to do so.”

“I became a yoga teacher about 4 years ago and you, as my first teacher in Doha, have been a great inspiration to do so.”

Tell me what and why? I will show you the way.

Time waits for no one! Invest in your greatest asset, invest in yourself!