The Alexander Method®

The Alexander Method is a systematic and comprehensive Road-Map designed to SHIFT your current Paradigm and Program your mind for living a fulfilling life of Success and High Performance with longevity and vitality sustained over a lifetime. 

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What is The Alexander Method (AM)?

A Coaching method designed as a Road-Map to trigger, condition, and empower each individual to discover their extraordinary superhuman capacities for creating a successful life personally and professionally.

Training the ‘A.I.’ Dynamic:

The most powerful skills any of us can develop for Life’s success is the ability to remain in control of our “ATTENTION” and “INTENTION” (A.I.).
It is the ability to keep our attention on our intentions that ultimately enables each individual to systematically create success in all levels of Life.
There is not a single person who doesn’t want to be Wealthy, Successful, blissfully happy, healthy, yet not everyone gets there.

Through developing your powerful ‘A.I.’ Dynamic, you will master the ability to reach success without struggle. Your every action and effort will compound towards your desires and wants, as you incrementally surpass your wildest dreams. 


The challenge in being a human is that we instinctively pay more attention to what we DON’T want to experience rather than what we do want. This inability to focus on where we want our energy to be spent is influenced by the trifecta of influencers: Self-Image, E.Q., and Habits.

The Alexander Method will help you train your A.I. Dynamic and transform your Life.
If you are ready to stop recycling your past and create a future far superior personally and/or professionally, the Alexander Method Coaching will guide you the way.
When you set out to create a life and a future far more superior to your past, it is crucial to discover your personality’s setpoints, your Paradigm.

This Paradigm within you acts like a rubber band pulling you back to your rehearsed thoughts and mental processes, repeated time and time in the past. However, to create something new in your life experience, you would have to shift how you do things, and the old “tools’ become obsolete.

Most coaching programs treat the symptoms of these unhealthy setpoint rather than shifting its axis. 

The Alexander Method programs go to the core of this Paradigm, and shift the subconscious programming, which has supported your life’s limitations. You will learn how to replace the old Paradigm with a new and improved one that forms the foundation for future success far surpassing your past, enabling your powerful Attention system to function optimally. 

“With Self-image at its core, this method creates what I like to call a “slingshot effect,” puling back into self-mastery before taking a giant leap into Life Mastery.”

Who is it for?

An Ambitious, Goal striving, a self-aware individual who is deeply committed to becoming their own best selves before setting out into the world to LEAD, Changing the world, and Making an extraordinary impact while empowering others to follow in their footsteps.

“The Alexander Method is not meant for a certain demographic.
It is meant for a distinct Psychographic.”

Success in life is meant for us all. However, what is required to reach success is restricted to a distinct few: those who adopt a “growth mindset.” This group is driven by a Constant and never-ending focus on improvement. They take personal responsibility for how they show up in life and are driven by their natural need to become all they can be and create life success.

Whether you are from the Baby-boomer generation, their children, or grandchildren, as long as you are driven by the need to become all you can and live a fulfilled, successful life, there is something here for YOU.

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The Alexander Method is here to serve the self-development needs of the exclusive critical mass, driven by their intense sense of purpose to leave the world better than they found it!

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What need will it serve?

For the strong, ambitious, and determined individual who aim to create Success through reprogramming their minds and strengthening the ability to:

  • Build greater levels of Emotional resilience (EQ)
  • Follow through with intuitive decisions, instead of second-guessing yourself
  • Build strong, healthy relationships,
  • Courageously take action, and eliminate procrastination
  • Grow and Maintain success,
  • Create wealth and great financial success beyond your imagination
  • Create Time Freedom 
  • Maintain a healthy vital body
  • Connect and influence 
  • Remedy the feeling of lethargy, which is common among the highly successful etc.
  • Amplify Productivity and more…

When You feel stuck, unable to keep growing, distracted, and feel exhausted from a lack of inner peace, there is no amount of self-discipline and effort that can move you forward.

“On a rare occasion, you may know what is holding you back. The majority of the time, the highly ambitious is fully unaware of what is below the surface of the water where the ICE-BERG of their personality is formed.”

 The Alexander Method is a clear Road-Map designed to provide the tools in discovering what needs work, help you get “unstuck,” and move the needle forward on your Dreams and Aspirations. It will propel you to grow and THRIVE personally or professionally, reaching your Highest Potential.

What sets my coaching program apart from all the rest? 

“While most coaching programs tend to be “Front Loaded”, the Alexander Method is created as a Road-Map to continuous success even after the coaching process has ended. When applied consistnetly, our programs provide skillfully put together practices which will ensure a compounding effect of this journey for Self and Life Mastery for programming your ‘A.I.’ for a life time of success. 

In my youth I developed the intense curiosity about Human nature, both in the biological sense as well as psychological. 

I was always curious about why we do what we do, and how we do it. 

I wanted to help people Live better lives; I knew I wanted to be a Coach long before realizing what that meant. I was only 8 years old, and knew what my calling was. 

With decades spent studying all aspects of Human body-mind-spirit. From Psychology to Spirituality, holistic medicine and Mindfulness, from Functional Medicine to Epigenetics, from Nutrition to Anatomy and Physiology, from Tai Chi to Yoga, my knowledge base is WHOLISTIC and far-reaching. I have created this comprehensive educational program because my mission is to turn each of you into Masters of your Destiny.

The Alexander Method goes beyond teaching you tricks and hacks, and it is the Catalytic agent that will transform every aspect of your life. providing you with a specifically and clearly designed Road-Map to systematically and incrementally lead you to Self and Life Mastery.

My expertise is centered around fundamental challenges that the highly ambitious individual faces: their view of themselves and how they show up in the world. Your Self-image is not just some random idea you have of yourself that harmlessly comes to pass. It is the Set-point which will predict your Paradigm which shapes your life. SHIFT your current Paradigm for a LIFE OF ABUNDANCE in all 3 levels of life:

  • Personal life, Health and relationships
  • Vocation, Professional life
  • Money and Time Freedom


“SELF- Image is at the root of why you do anything and how you do it, it is the reason behind how we use our powerful ‘A.I’ system. From responding to your challenges, how you connect with others, your creative motivation, how you take action, manage your energy and health, to how you learn and LEAD.”

With more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in the field of both SELF and Personal development, distilled into fine art, I will guide you through revising and rewriting your self-image, engaging your automatic success mechanism, and level up YOUR life experience personally and professionally. I will help you PROGRAM you Powerful Attention: Intention Dynamic for extraordinary Performance. 

“The Alexander method (AM) is a labor of love. It is a personal gift to my loved ones, myself, and everyone who is curious and cares deeply about becoming all they can be. A gift to YOU, so you can grow and make an impact in the world, fulfill your dreams and desires with Longevity.”

What can you expect?

A no-nonsense approach to High Performance & Self mastery, this coaching program is not meant to be taken lightly. It will require courage, Curiosity, Dedication, and great vulnerability. It will require a formidable attitude in breaking through personal limitations with a sense of purpose and determination.

My coaching is not for the faint-hearted..

I do not provide an opportunity for you to wallow in past trauma and limitations. I will hold space for you throughout the journey to lay it all out on the table. Then I will get you to get up and get going leaving the past where it belongs.

You will show up and LEVEL UP to your highest potential as you pursue success, wealth, health, and happiness while making an impact on the world and leading by example.

This journey will require the greatest investment there is:

YOUR Time & Energy.

The financial investment you make to this process will vary depending on how far you would like to take your growth. In 6 months, you will reach Self-Mastery and lay a foundation for Life Mastery. In 12 months, you will reach High-Performance and pick the fruits of your labor in abundance, both personally and professionally. In 18 months, you will graduate to Life-Mastery and go into the world as a force to be reckoned with.

“The AM (Alexander Method) is the Compound effect that will turn your Led into Gold.”

The AM 3 coaching levels

Each of the 3 progressive programs of The Alexander Method provides a 6month training program. Each month a specific pre-designed Topic most important to each specific level is introduced, learned, processed, and mastered. Science has shown, to effectively create a new habit, replace an old habit or reprogram the mind, 21 days are required.

Level 3

High-Performance for Life Mastery

This level of the Alexander Method training is designed to Create High-Performance Mastery beyond the acceleration built in the Gold Level.

Level 2

Accelerator for high performance

This level of the Alexander Method training is designed to accelerate the capacity for self-mastery beyond the foundation built in the Foundation level.

Level 1

Foundation for High Performance

This level of the Alexander Method is Designed to create a strong foundation for High-Performance Living: Self Mastery.

Tell me What? and WHY? I will show you the way.

Time waits for no one! Invest in your greatest asset, invest in yourself!