The Alexander Method coaching

€ 175 up to € 200,-
Single session
€ 135 up to € 180,-


Foundation for High Performance: Self-Mastery
€ 3400,-

Coaching level 1 :
+ intake
+ 24 sessions of 60-minutes

Accelerate for High Performance
€ 4000,-

Coaching level 2 :
+ intake
+ 24 sessions of 60-minutes

Life Mastery for High-Performance
€ 4700,-

Coaching level 3 :
+ intake
+ 24 sessions of 60-minutes

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Other types of coaching

We also offer additional types of coaching such as:

  • Professional development coaching
  • Self-development coaching
  • Mental-Emotional Resilience Coaching EQ
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Coaching
  • Trauma healing Coaching
  • Sleep and Stress-management Coaching
  • Nutrition for athletic performance
  • Nutrition for prevention and Disease healing
  • Nutrition for fat-loss and weight-management
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Fitness for athletic performance
  • Fitness for Women: muscle growth and toning
  • Body and Mind Coaching for Children up to 16
  • Yoga, Tai chi, Pilates, Samurai Sword training private sessions

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Support-Memberships for continous growth

These support memberships are created for those who have completed one or more of The Alexander Method Programs and want to ensure continuous momentum building towards Life-Mastery

€ 50,- pm

30-minutes monthly of online Coaching

€ 70,- pm

30-minutes monthly online Coaching
+ regular WhatsApp contact

€ 90,- pm

30-minutes monthly online Coaching
+ regular WhatsApp contact
+ weekly email support with Golden Secrets to Mind-Body-Life-Mastery

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