Nutrition & Body wellness

How is the process?

  • Baseline assessment and mission clarity for the coaching direction
  • Fine-tuned coaching program according to your Child’s needs established through the baseline assessment that indicate the areas for development
  • Social circle and primary caregiver inventory
  • Consistent and regular coaching sessions for the Youngster alone or in the presence of one caregiver
  • Regular assessments to develop a complete understanding of concepts and tools introduced
  • Moving the Child to full autonomy
  • Final assessment to establish quantifiable growth
  • Successful completion of this coaching program requires that the primary caregivers (parent or otherwise) become 100% invested and involved in the process with total commitment
  • Caregivers must commit the Child to a minimum of 12 sessions for a duration of 6months to ensure success.

 What are the tools used in this Coaching program?

  • Establishing self-image
  • Development Psychology
  • Functional medicine
  • Nutrition for Performance
  • Self-appraisal and Self-love
  • Cognitive Behavioral Techniques (CBT)
  • Physical movement according to the child’s interest

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