Level 3

The AM High-Performance for Life Mastery

“This level of the Alexander Method training is a Road-Map designed to Create High-Performance Mastery beyond the acceleration built in the Accelerate for High-Performance level, further advancing your Powerful ‘A.I.’ Dynamic for Extraordinary growth.”


High Performance for Life Mastery

Intake Process: Creating Clarity

Where are you on the ‘A.I’ Dynamic Axis? and what needs to be done for you to reach HIGH-PERFORMANCE MASTERY and live with the Highest Level of fulfillment, success, productivity, and contribution as you advance your healthy relationships and create Super Human levels of vitality and longevity?

The most important topics:

1. Value and Personal Relationships

Boundaries, Effective communication, Courage, Empathy, and role modeling

2. Longevity (Energy Management)

Mastering Energy Management, tools in Body- Hacking for Super Human levels of High Performance

3. Purpose & Philanthropy 

Life fulfillment, Happiness equation, Impact and Mentoring

4. Success Mechanism amplified

Mind Hacking, Advanced programming for faster/easier and sustained Success

5.  Leadership & Productivity

Effective Leadership/Management/Communication at Higher Levels of Management

6. Influence/Rolemodeling 

Teaching others and supporting growth in your community/ the Art of Life Satisfaction/ Creating a legacy

Tell me what? and why? I will show you the way

Time waits for no one! Invest in your greatest asset, invest in yourself!