The 3 coaching levels

Each of the 3 progressive programs of The Alexander Method provides a 6 month training program. Each month a specific pre-designed Topic most important to each specific level is introduced, learned, processed, and mastered. Science has shown, to effectively create a new habit, replace an old habit or reprogram the mind, 21 days are required.

Level 3

High-Performance for Life Mastery

This level of the Alexander Method training is designed to Create High-Performance Mastery beyond the acceleration built in level 2: the Accelerator level.

Level 2

Accelerator for high performance

This level of the Alexander Method training is designed to accelerate the capacity for self-mastery beyond the foundation built in the Foundation level 1.

Level 1

Foundation for High Performance

This level of the Alexander Method is Designed to create a strong foundation for High-Performance Living: Self Mastery.

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Other types of coaching

We also offer additional types of coaching such as:

  • Personal development coaching (for professionals)
  • Self-development coaching
  • Mental-Emotional Resilience Coaching EQ
  • Mindfulness and MeditationCoaching
  • Trauma healing Coaching
  • Sleep and Stress-management Coaching
  • Nutrition for athletic performance
  • Nutrition for prevention and Disease healing
  • Nutrition for fat-loss and weight-management
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Fitness for athletic performance
  • Fitness for Women: muscle growth and toning
  • Body and Mind Coaching for Children up to 16
  • Yoga, Tai chi, Pilates, Samurai Sword training private sessions

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