Level 2

Th AM Accelerator for high performance

“This level of the Alexander Method training is a Road-Map designed to accelerate the capacity for self-mastery beyond the foundation built in the Foundation level.”

The individuals registering for this level must have either done the level 1 training or will be tested for their level of autonomy and readiness for this next level up the Mastery ladder.

The mission


At this level, the mission is to establish a strong Value system, Gain levels of Influence and increase productivity. Activating the powerful automatic success mechanism which inhibits procrastination and increase creativity whist establishing a strong sense of purpose. This amplifies the individuals’ ability to make it to the finish line, no matter the challenge.
If the individual has not mastered the skill at this level, level 3 of the Alexander Method will be unsuitable for them as it requires increased ability to systematically shift perception and their worldview for creation of Life Mastery.

The Process:
This coaching program includes 24 Coaching sessions in 6 months plus an intake to assess where you are on the ‘A.I.’ Dynamic axis and what is required to help you get where you want to be.

In preparation for every session, you will receive a customized assessment, assignment, or reading material that you can keep for future reference.

Every Coaching session is systematically designed to Program your ‘A.I.’ for incremental progress towards your set goals, wants, and needs.

You will receive an official certificate of completion at the end of the Coaching in acknowledgment of your efforts and growth.

After graduating from this level, you are advised to continue your education, either by redoing the Program on your own or advancing to the next level of Coaching via the Alexander Method with High-Performance for Life Mastery Coaching Program.

Mastery is a LIFE long Process.

However, at this point in your growth process, with a solid foundation for your powerful ‘A.I’ Dynamic, Accelerate Skills in High Performance there is no struggle in reaching the next level of Mastery. 

You are now armed to the teeth for SUCCESS!

Duration : 6 months
Number of sessions: 1 intake + 24 sessions of 60 min each


Accelerator for High Performance

Intake Process: Creating Clarity
Where are you on the ‘A.I.’ dynamic Axis? and what needs to be done for you to accelerate your HIGH Performance Personally and professionally as you create a highly fulfilling, successful, productive life, advance your healthy relationships whilst creating higher levels of vitality and longevity?

The most important topics:

1. The value system and Personal Relationships

Self image, Boundaries, Effective communication, Courage, Empathy and role modeling

2. Energy & Vitality

Advanced Energy Management and tools in Body-Hacking for Longevity and optimal performance

3. Purpose

 Leveling up Necessity & designing a life structure around your Macro Purpose 


4. Influence & Confidence

Communication: Convey, Convince, Speaking skills, Posture and Voice, Charisma

5.  Productivity

Mind Hacking for Accelerated Productivity, Advanced tools and techniques for self/time Managemnet, Fast Learning 


6. Foundation for Success mechanism activation & creativity

Introduction to the art of manifestation and sustained success, understanding and learning how to conquer challenges

Tell me what? and why? I will show you the way

Time waits for no one! Invest in your greatest asset, invest in yourself!